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Brand Portraits by Neeltje - Jasper Rombouts-40_edited.jpg

Jasper Rombouts is a Dutch product designer who studied industrial product design in Leeuwarden and graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. 

Doing or experiencing new things particularizes our sensory perceptions. It can trigger emotions and trigger hormones. In my process of shaping, I always crave a specific hormone, dopamine. This can cause me to lapse into a passion bubble which can only be interrupted by milk chocolate or a new design/project that gets me so excited that I immediately proceed to execution.

For me, the interruption is often the "snap" to reality, revisiting the to-do list and coming to the realization that there are other things that need to be done as well or that from my enthusiasm I need to adjust today's planned goals.
My projects fly between product design and applied art. I am at heart a product designer so art forms in me always find application to chairs, lamps, benches, candleholders etc..

I want to be able to use it, experience it, and on top of the list...

feel, smell, and hear it.

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